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Day XLV: Shade: The Rusical!

When Oxygen gifted us The Glee Project--two seasons was hardly enough--we were exposed to a competition-style reality show that was exclusively focused on musical theatre. Last night, RuPaul's Drag Race gave us a glimpse of just how much better that show could have been with drag queens. Which is not to say it wasn't perfect--other than the winners of each season--but think of what it could have been!

Out of The Glee Project, there also rose a fantastic blog about the show. From here on out, for #WigWednesday, I'll be shamelessly copying Sam Donovan's blog format. Basically: it's going to be one ranked list with photos of each of the remaining queens. I think it's visual and simple and clean: a great way to continue with this recurring set of posts.

Now presenting SHADE! The Rusical.

11. Trinity K. Bonet (bottom two)

Mirroring the same face I made whenever she had screen time
I'm at a loss with Trinity. I sincerely do not find anything about her redeeming or enjoyable. Until I do, she will always be at the bottom of this list. She was especially repulsive last night. Her attitude toward the challenge was so defeatist and whiney. I often wonder if she is intentionally trying to replicate that miserable personality and demeanor of Tyra Sanchez in an effort to recall those same sort of feelings and connections to season two's ultimate winner. She's doing a damn good job of presenting herself as pouty and unlikable. 

10. Laganja Estranja (safe)

Laganja! What are you doing, girl? You're better than this! This episode was weird for me to reflect on because too many of my favorite girls fell to the bottom of the ranking this week. There wasn't much going on in the way of the performance or her look on the runway. In the main challenge, I thought she came across a little ill-prepared. She can dance for days, but there wasn't to point to in way of acting chops or musicality. In Untucked, she had a weird moment. Following a very nice video message from her mom and dad, the other queens started talking about how endearing and great it was for her to hear those words from her parents. Of course, they also poked fun at her definitely not winning the competition like her parents said she would. She got completely defensive and left-fieldy, saying the other girls took that moment away from her and weren't being sisterly. What were they supposed to do?Cry with her for ten more minutes? I dunno; she just didn't hit the mark for me this week. 

9. Darienne Lake (bottom three)

Adele's looking goooooood
Another shocker! Darienne has been one of my very favorites since day one. I love her spunk and drive and humor, but I think she's wearing herself out. I've noticed that many of the more seasoned queens like Bianca, Ben, and even Milk don't have a problem separating their drag selves from the man self. I think there is this creeping tired feeling when it comes to Darienne because she feels like she always has to be "on." But she doesn't! She's charming and engaging when she's not trying SO hard to be impressive. In the challenge she was out-done by her performance partner Gia Gunn. SHE WAS OUTSHINED BY GIA GUNN, YOU GUYS! And while I love Gia in the way I love that you love a dog that consistently shits on your recently shampooed carpets, Darienne should not be working at the same level.

8. April Carrion (eliminated)

Aww, April. I think this poor little deer was just dealt a really bad hand of cards. While she certainly has English down in a way that no other Puerto Rican queen can even come close to, it was unfortunate that an acting challenge and a singing challenge happened so soon in the competition. If there had been more emphasis on the look in either of the challenges that she found herself on the chopping block, I doubt she would have even been close to the bottom. She was a polished and edgy queen that I would have loved to see more from. Maybe they'll bring her back?! A guy can hope. (It certainly doesn't hurt April is a good looking guy, either.)

7. Gia Gunn (safe)

"You ladyboy?"
My little pet queen did a nice job this week! She got into a small shade-tossing match with Bianca, which will likely be a recurring theme, but I don't think she's particularly affected by the bitchiness. Most of the time, she's the mouth behind the berating. As a comedy queen, I thought she really delivered. A horrendous voice, to be sure, but at least she committed and powered through. It reminded me of Alyssa's performance in last year's singing challenge, "Can I Get an Amen?" Alyssa is not a singer, but she was pushing as hard as she could and managed to stay with the pack. Similarly, Gia served it. We'll see if she can keep up next week or if the Snatch Game will swallow her whole.

6. Joslyn Fox (safe)

I'm playing the butch queen.

It's weird to think back to the Drag Race preseason--yes, that's a thing--when Joslyn was one of my very least favorite queens. She continues to prove herself as bubbly, kind, and professional. I thought she was the strongest member of her admittedly weak group of three this week. In addition to consistently performing well, she's also been one of the queens with the most personality. This week, she benefitted from having the best read too! When Ru found out she was going to be the butch queen, she asked Joslyn who she was basing her butch demeanor off of. Without missing a beat, Joslyn retorted: Bianca Del Rio!

5. Milk (safe)

Another good week for Milk. She has been one of the frontrunners since her initial episode, and it's good to see her live up to her potential. Still, I think she could have pushed a little harder this week. She wasn't quite up to the same level that the top three were, even if her runway choices and fashion tastes were stronger than say Ben or Adore. Oh, and she came out pregnant! In the challenge, Milk delivered a strong performance, but she seriously looked like a bad version of Grizabella. Next time you hope a cape and some cat ears are going to keep you on top of this competition, think again. I wish Ru would light a fire under Milk to either show them some true glamor or push her oddity to even higher level. 

4. Adore Delano (top three)

Climbing the ranks to be my season six favorite, Adore deservedly placed in the top three this week. What concerns me about Adore is her lack of direction. Michelle JUST read her for not cinching her waist last week and, this week, she delivered another gown without a cinched silhouette. I fully expect her to internalize this advice eventually, but I get nervous that her desire to deliver a silly, naive persona will keep her from capitalizing on everything this opportunity can do for her.

3. Bianca Del Rio (safe)

Sums it up: Bianca up front, Trinity lagging behind.

God this bitch is mean. And, somehow, it's completely charming! Every time she throws out a read--and that would be quite often--it comes off as calculated and part of her character, rather than an attack on performance or appearance. She is a seasoned professional, too, and I definitely see her as the frontrunner at this point in the competition. As we get into some more involved challenges, I don't see how she could possibly misstep, either, because she has delivered at every turn thus far. I know we're only four episodes in, but I don't see Bianca slowing down any time soon.

2. Ben DeLaCreme (top three)

I just love this queen. Out of everyone, Ben is who I would like to hang out with most. She's kind and thoughtful, and keeps a very transparent approach to working with the other queens. As the team captain for this challenge, she stepped up in a way that wasn't even expected of her, and assigned everyone a role that they were capable of delivering. And her own performance was probably my favorite of the night. The shady queen was right up her campy alley. Her look on the runway was another versatile choice, but still very true to her aesthetic. I'm already nervous for her next week as she's very clearly not an impersonator. Keep her in your prayers, y'all.

1. Courtney Act (winner)

Fish. No, literally, fish.
While I think Ben was my favorite in the challenge, there's no way you can deny that Courtney was this week's star. She can sing pretty well, and her acting and comedic timing were absolutely perfect. Just so charismatic and professional, Courtney is basically a shoe-in for this title if she keeps it up. As for her runway look, the girl looks damn good in pink. If Victoria's Secret is looking for a new girl to kill that stage, I think they need look no further than Courtney. Can we all say it together? One, two, three: FISH.

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