Friday, March 14, 2014

Day XL: Hangman

Ah, Friday. Where the hell have you been?

I think it's been seven years since Monday was here.

What is it about the post-vacation week that just causes time to crawl by on it's hands and knees like an ancient leper in biblical Jerusalem? It's painful.

Luckily, today has not been so bad. It's been one helluva day--don't ask--but at least it flew by. Typing this blog, I can barely believe that I've somehow made it passed the work week and that the weekend is just about to begin.

I think some of Friday's speediness is due to my diabolical victory in our company's constantly active game of hangman. We have these beautiful big windows up here on the 11th floor of the Lumber Exchange Building that over look NE Minneapolis and Hennepin Ave. We also have a set that afford us a balls-eye view of the 90s and the Brass Rail, but those are less impressive.

Anyway, on the windows facing the Hennepin bridge, we have a giant hangman center. It's all done with dry-erase markers, so we're constantly challenging and guessing our fellow office mates to this classic game for word worms. Today, following my victory earlier in the week, I had the privilege of being the word master.

See that dead little stick figure? Yeah, I killed it today. I had to go so far as give him a soda and popcorn, a pair of shoes, a face, a hat, and a sizzling sun in order for give my coworkers enough guesses to get through the phrase.

God. I love winning.

Wanna play along? Here's the phrase I went with.

Category: Noun

_ _ _ _   _ _ _ _

Any takers?