Sunday, March 16, 2014

XLII: Rejuvenation

I hate how the weekend ends as soon as it's Sunday afternoon.

At three o'clock today, Sibley announced that the weekend was over. And, sadly, I think that's true. Unless it's summer, I find myself so caught up in prepping for the work week that I forget that, hey, there is still plenty of time to enjoy your off-the-clock periods. Too often, I realize it's Sunday night and I haven't done a damn thing with my day because I have been fixating on how depressingly close Monday morning is.

Well, I suppose that Sunday slumps can't last forever. Summer is right around the corner, and it's nearly time for a reawakening. A reawakening of green, of spirit, of mind, of body--oh, lord, is that ever needed--of moments, of memories, of life. Spring is a filthy time of year, but it's amazing how clean it can scrub the soul.

So I will be looking forward to the freshness and new smells of April and May. I will be anticipating, eagerly, the warmer weather and sunnier days. Even the shrill warbles of birds and scratchy scurries of squirrels will be a welcome addition to the morning.

More than anything, I am ready for a chance to start anew. Rejuvenation has never felt so needed.

Tonight, you can find me in bed, clinging to a blanket, and praying that this week sprints by.

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