Sunday, March 23, 2014

Day XLIX: Bedmaking

I feel a lot more optimistic about this Sunday than the last. Blame the weather, I guess. We all get pretty good at that this time of year. I was promised another day above freezing tomorrow, though, so it better make good.

After returning home from dog sitting--seriously, how effing cute were those pups--I joined Kyle on a long, leisurely coffee time at Bull Run. Following, it was time to get all my wares unpacked and back in to the house. Because I got to do laundry for free this weekend, I was hauling my bed sheets, blankets, and comforters back into my room. As I fluffed the fitted sheet for the mattress, the yellow fabric falling gently to the bed, a very peaceful moment was interrupted by this little brat:

Seriously, it could not have been more than three or four nanoseconds between the sheet making contact with the mattress and Archie squatting atop it. And I couldn't even be upset! Look how G.D. cute he is! Ugh. He's such a jerk. Eventually I was able to swat him away (momentarily) and get the rest of the bed done. And instead of adorably laying down, he adopted his signature sitting posture. 

Look at that face. Look at that curled paw! For a cat that's so damn cute, he knows how to ham it up.

So, yes, Archie is delightfully icky. And that's his standard. In many ways, it's nice to know that some things don't change, that a gross cat will still be just that at the beginning of a brand new week. March is wrapping up, and April--traditionally one of my least favorite months of the year--is just around the corner. For a plethora of reasons, it's completely fitting that a time of year I once loathed could not get here soon enough.

#SundaySelfie inspired by Mathu Andersen

Get out there and enjoy the week.

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