Sunday, March 9, 2014

Day XXXV: Fake Summer Sunday

Oh, summer, why must you be so far away?

It's been a very nice Sunday. Usually, when it comes to DST, I wind up feeling disgruntled and slightly psychotic. Today, though, I don't feel disgruntled at all! Could have something to do with the exorbitant amount of sleep I've had in the last 24 hours, but I am guessing that the melting snow and warm weather is the more likely culprit. You won't see any tears from these eyes as we say goodbye (I hope!) to the snow.

This morning, Kyle and I performed our regular Sunday ritual: a trip to Bull Run. I like Bull Run on Sundays because Sam is usually on bar. Sam is the vaguely Greek, somewhat snappy barista who never fails to knock drinks out of the park. Never have I had a sub-par beverage when she's pulling shots. We spent the morning reading and writing, before deciding to enact our Summer Saturday routine. Last summer, we would go to Bull Run every Saturday morning before going to to get happy hour at Sushi Tango. Today, it was just warm enough to convince us we needed to make a trip.

The biggest--and best--difference between Saturday and Sunday at Sushi Tango is the presence of Mama. Now, for those of you unfamiliar, Mama is the affectionate and appropriate nickname of everyone's favorite uptown bartender, Michael Long. Easily one of the funniest, sincere, and most genuine people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting, Mama is one of those rare humans that consistently improves moods and generates laughter. A pure delight.

She was recounting her escapades for Kyle and I at the bar when she asked if I'd ever seen the calendar she made. Turns out, Mama has this amazing calendar of himself that he shot while on vacay in Thailand. It's captioned and campy and fishy and fabulous. Literally: each spread was better than the last. September saw her in traditional garb; March was a ferocious pose on top of an elephant. The calendar is basically a work of art.

Slightly intoxicated, we made our way back home for some Smash Brothers before I met up with Anastasia for a walk around Lake Harriet. You guys! Everyone is so happy and excited for spring, and the walk was nothing but smiling dads, cheerful runners, and inappropriately large strollers. Other than the company and conversation, Stacy--a nickname I know she adores--and I agreed that the best part was one particularly well-dressed mom that looked appalled as two running children splashed her freezing sidewalk water. Her expression? Priceless.

Now, it's nothing but soft music and household chores. Hope you're all having a delightful start to the week!

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