Sunday, March 30, 2014

Day LVI: After

We had company!

And now that the party is over, that the freezer is empty, and brunch has been had, it's time take a look at what transpired. I'm not sure if broken glass, half-drank champagne, and licked-clean pizza boxes is your thing, but it's good look for our abode.

Shall we catch up with a who's who of the evening?

Well I think it's pretty clear that Archie got everything he needed out of the night. He had such a good time he's licking the joy of last night out of his toes.

Don't let that face fool you, Ashley was mostly smiles last night. One of the most consistently demanding of lipsync performances, it's easy to see why she very easily livens up a party. She even sprinted down Bryant to get to the bars faster. Girl, that's commitment.

Looks like someone is still not ready for the day. Poor Bernard, he still can't shake his hangover, and he's taking it out on us with so much yelling.

Well this is about as attractive as I could manage before breakfast. One gross face, two tall glasses of water, a tank top, and a hunting hat later... nope, nothing was gonna fix that mess this morning.

Anyone else get to wake up to this face? Oh, just me? I'm the only lucky one? Ha! Looks like I win the Internet. Kirby and I were up till 4:30 having a pillowside chat and were back at it at 8:30. Needless to say, girl's tired.

I think it's safe to say that Kyle was NOT ready for this photo. Great tank choice though! After a night of reading the house down and a triumphant return to Stella's without a kicking-out, Kyle has spent the day in front of Pokemon, House of Cards, and watching me play Dark Souls 2. Sounds pretty ideal.

Oh, hey, big girl! A little pre-brunch snack at Pizza Luce never hurt anyone, right? While Seth would rather have hit up the Macy's deli, I think a slice of pep, a coke, and then an actual meal hit the spot. With a fierce hat and set of shades, it's going to be a knocked-out car ride home this afternoon.

Then we have this little crunchlet. A jar of water in her right and a hairbrush in her left, Sibley was not taking no for an answer this morning. Snarl free and hydrated: girl was ready for some brunch. And brunch we did.

I start work in a new office tomorrow! Here's to a beautiful week (for everyone who reads this)!


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