Saturday, March 22, 2014

Day XLVIII: Dog Sitting, Part Two (the one with the pictures, duh)

I've been so spoiled this weekend.

I wasn't sure what these last few days would have in store for me. It started a little awkwardly, felt a bit crunchy, but I think it's been pretty much exactly what the doctor ordered. I've spent the last two days with a pair of chihuahuas and in a rather swankified apartment downtown Minneapolis. The warehouse district is quite the scene, y'all!

Basically, I am getting paid to hangout with dogs, read, and play video games. I got to use the gym, twice, and even took a bath! It's more or less everything that a weekend could and should be. Sure it could use a little boost of fun, but, hey, it's only Saturday, right?

Free laundry and a Whole Foods within walking distance? Sign me up! The cherry on top? Kyle brought me a cappuccino from my favorite coffee shop and Saturday morning hot spot, Bull Run. Pretty damn lucky, if you ask me.

But you didn't come here to listen to how delightful my Saturday day has been. You came to see pictures of dogs.

Max is the black one. He's a little bundle of joy and energy. He has a strange affinity for me, too, but I think he might just be a slutty dog.

Dillon is the older, white chihuahua. Don't let his eyes spook you, he's perfectly capable. He's not as energetic, but he can adorably cock his head with the best of 'em.

Look at those Yoda ears!

 Salt and Pepper

Well, more salt than pepper.

Okay, doesn't he look like Zero from The Nightmare Before Christmas?

Hope your weekend has been as easy-breezy as mine!

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