Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day XXXVIII: Scream Queens

This season is going to be the best season yet.

The editors have done a phenomenal job--at least within the context of the first three episodes--of keeping most of the queens on a level playing field. There are a few, you can tell, that will be out of here shortly, but most of them seem completely viable options for the title of America's Next Drag Superstar.

It was nice to finally see all of the queens together. After an awkward and aggravated first meeting, these queens seemed to get right into the sisterhood of season six. There were some shady words tossed around between Bianca and Gia--and there will definitely be more between these two--but I think the cliques will be able to integrate rather quickly.

The fist mini-challenge of the season to involve all the queens was hilarious. The girls were instructed to team up with someone that was not in their original group of seven. They were asked to combine their bodies and lipsync to a classic RuPaul single. Confused? Don't worry, here's a snapshot of the winning team, Adore and Milk.

As team captains, the winning pair chose five girls a piece to create a fabulous, campy, and over the top horror film series: Drag Race Me to Hell and a sequel Drag Race Me to Hell 5. Whoever comes up with these ideas is a damn genius. Everything is so perfectly put together: the humor, writing, and production of every little piece is on point.

After shooting their extended movie trailers, the queens were asked to hit the runway in their "Best Drag."

Milk's team slayed the challenge, so I'll talk about them first.

I thought that Bianca's look was very appropriate. She has that old money feel to her style. The hat and the collar really worked for me, but I wasn't completely sold on the demureness she exuded on the runway. She's such a personality and seeing her look so muted struck me in an odd way. After a very boring piece last week, Courtney stepped up her game this week with an incredible dress modeled after the Australian flag. She looked expensive and powerful. Her hair was right, the make up was beat: one of my favorites on the evening.

Joslyn is the girl that has grown on me the most. She was easily one of my least favorites right away, but I find myself increasingly charmed by her friendliness and bubbly demeanor. She was super fishy last night, too, and killed it in the challenge. My eyes are on this one. On the other side of the spectrum, Trinity continues to be my least favorite of the bunch. She's personality-less and all too serious about what she's delivering. After her team won the challenge, Ru called her out for crying on the runway and it all came across as fishing for compliments. She's a snooze for me.

Milk, on the other hand, continues to impress me with her kooky choices and impossible legs. Seriously, is she fourteen feet tall? Last season, Serena ChaCha came out looking like a marionette doll. For reference, Serena, this is how you do puppet realness.

Darienne Lake was on fire last night. In the challenge--which she won!--she played a head in a box that may or may not have been possessed by the devil. As a demonic head, she delivered. On the main stage, though, she didn't speak to me as much as some of the other queens. She wore a simple silvery dress with a fanning cape. It looked great in the lights, but I guess I was expecting more? 

Regardless of how she looked, she still looked better than most of the queens on the other team...

April surprised me with her Singing in the Rain glamour. I don't know why I didn't expect it out of her, but her referential drag caught me off guard. She looks great under an umbrella, though, and it's a shame I can't say the same for the face behind the rain. I thought she looked soooooo mannish once you saw behind the costume. The makeup just screamed boy in a dress. Speaking of boy in a dress, miss Laganja was not my favorite last night. The short hair on her looks amazing because of her sharp and tiny features, but I was not impressed with the look. The monarch butterfly hat was pretty sickening, but the rest of it just didn't pulse with same ferocity that I expect from her.

Now you all know Gia is my girl. Last night, she was not up to snuff. I hated her catsuit and head piece, and those shoes were sloppy, sloppy, sloppy. That said, she is one of the most beautiful girls this season, and I find her aesthetic completely appealing. Hopefully she steps up her look game, though, because, woof, that was rough last night.

Adore looked like a modern mix of Ursula and Ariel. By far, she looked the best out of everyone on her team. I wish that she had corseted her waist, a note that Michelle Visage was quick to point out, but everything else was flawless. Her giant red hair was beautiful and her makeup looked incredible: loving Adore more and more!

Ben and Vivacious looked very much themselves on the main stage. Ben wore a showgirl piece that really accentuated how good she looks in pretty much everything. She wasn't covered up and I think it favored her; great legs, great hair, great personality, and, if you ask me, she's already more likable than any past winner. Vivacious, the quiet and sullen member of Team Adore, was anything but in her wardrobe choice. She was classic club kid the house down! She looked like a drag queen turned court jester: I dug.

But the best look of the night, by far, belonged to mother Ru! 

I mean, c'mon.

Favorite Moment

RuPaul reminding Adore to step up her game.

"You owe it to your talent to do your homework."

Week 3 Ranking

12. Trinity K. Bonet (safe)
11. April Carrion (bottom two)
10. Vivacious (eliminated)
9. Gia Gunn (safe)
8. Joslyn Fox (safe)
7. Bianca Del Rio (safe)
6. Laganja Estranja (safe)
5. Courtney Act (safe)
4. Ben DeLaCreme (safe)
3. Adore Delano (bottom three)
2. Milk (safe)
1. Darienne Lake (winner)

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