Saturday, March 29, 2014

Day LV: Before

We have company!

For the first time since our senior year of college, Kirsten, Kyle, Seth, Sibley, and I have gathered together for evening of elegance. And by elegance...

So I thought for this weekend's blog, it might be fun to take a look at us before the night progressed and after we woke up Sunday morning. I am not sure what to anticipate, but I think it'll be a worthwhile way to assess the success of our evening.

(as a bonus, I am including Ashley, Sibley's significant other, and Bernard and Archie, because they're effing cute.)

Archie is perpetually upsetting, so why not snap a photo that shows off his oddest traits. Gross hands, bad posture, blank stare: ish.

Only Ashley could pull focus away from BOTH of the cats in the same photo. With a look that says "you said what? about who?" it's evident that she is gearing up for the night. Plus, she's wearing a pretty shirt. Winning all-around.

The true favorite of the bunch, Bernard just can't take a bad photo. Sleeping in the sun, or prowling in the dark, this little trouble-maker is consistently charming.

The beard is back in action! As the writer, I get the privilege of taking a non-candid shot against a backdrop of windows. Clock the mole, clock the hair, clock the nose. But at least the left eye is pretty damn hot.

Sass. That would be the caption of this photo from a girl who has had it, officially. Never afraid of trends, Kirsten's fashion sensibility is on-point. Seafoam and sunshine? Check!

Serving nothing but camel-toe! (zoom in on the shirt pattern) For someone who really didn't want his photo to be taken, I think it turned out to be rather good-looking! Smile, girl, you gonna have a headache in the morning.

Seth is the diva of the group. Can you tell? Giving you boisterous laugh, crotch grab, and cigarette realness, he's never afraid to be as brassy and big as his personality affords. Can't wait to hear that loud, gravelly voice grumble the morning away.

Sibley is poised, focused, and ready to take the night by storm. In a beautiful blue top and with hair that just wont quit, this little crunchlet queen is always ready to deliver a good time. And thank god! She keeps are energy up and motivation strong.

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