Friday, March 21, 2014

Day XLVII: Dog Sitting, Part One

Well, it's going to be a quiet weekend.

Looking ahead, I can already tell you that I have a rather uneventful few days ahead of me. And, actually, that's fine! I am sort of looking forward to it. This week has been rather eventful and I cannot tell you how ready I am for a few days to myself.

Well, they're not really to myself, but my guests are pretty cool. From Friday night to Sunday morning, I'll be hanging out with two chihuahuas: Max and Dillon. And I'm anticipating a very calm, very cool weekend with two crazy little boys.

I don't have pictures (yet!), but I will definitely be posting some tomorrow as our day unfolds.

Until tomorrow, I hope your Friday night is wild!

Happy weekend the Scarletta office!

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