Sunday, April 6, 2014


Dare I say it? Would it be a total jinx?

I don't...



Can... hold... it... in...

IT'S SPRING! It's actually here! And I think that it could be here to stay!

Let's hope.

In anticipation of a sudden snowstorm or torrential downpour, I am gearing up for a run around Calhoun. Anastasia Scott and I took a beautiful walk around Harriet, inspecting homes and sharing ideas. Every face carried a smile, some hands held other hands, and a few sets of arms carried kids, and, in one case(!), a tuckered out puppy. I wish I'd snagged a photo of that...

Instead I took this incredibly creepy picture of a child's bicycle abandoned outside of a cemetery:

Wrapping up this quick Sunday post, I want to also share some of the lovely things I've heard from the neighbor children in the ten minutes I've been putting this blog together:

"I don't even like Iris! I have a girlfriend!" -Roughly eight years old.

"I'm the oldest, so my vote counts three times." -The oldest girl in the bunch (who stole that phrase directly from eleven-year-old Josh.)

"Whose idea was this? I am telling on all of you!" -The  funwrecker.

"We could throw sticks and use ducktape as spiderweb!" -No clue who said it, but that's a damn great idea.

Hope we can all enjoy the week as much as some stick-tossing kiddies!

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