Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Day LXXX: Drag My Wedding

After missing last week's viewing party to a date, this week's Drag Race felt like 1000 years had passed between episodes. I guess I didn't realize until this Tuesday how much the viewing party means to me. It's one of those events that not only breaks up the week, but gathers two of the most important groups of people under one roof: friends and drag queens.

The marriage of friends and excellent TV? Til death do we part.

6. Adore Delano (bottom two)

It was another bad week for my little angel sent from heaven. From the get-go, Adore seemed defeated and unwilling to step out of her bad mindset. Because she doesn't sew or do anyone else's makeup, it was going to be a tricky challenge. And it certainly got the best of her. I thought she looked a lot more beautiful than the judges gave her credit for. She looked very much the punk mother that she was aiming for, even if her daughter looked roughly six million years older than her. Which, of course, was her biggest problem in the challenge. Her daughter looked ROUGH. We're talking "what gutter in WeHo did you wake up in after Pride?" rough. But another powerful and energetic lipsync kept her around, and...

5. Joslyn Fox (eliminated)

Joslyn Fox had to bite the bullet and sashay away. It was her time, I think. Even though she's nowhere NEAR as dislikable as a few others still around, she didn't quite have the polish and pizzazz to compete with the remaining girls. She reminded me a lot of Tatiana from the second season. An excellent and charming queen, just lacked the finishing touches to carry her to the end. Luckily, Joslyn is a shoe-in for Miss Congeniality. There is no way she won't clinch that title. Her daughter looked more like the Tin Man than a bride, and the wedding dress was just miserable. On the positive side, I thought Joslyn looked gorgeous on the runway. It is odd, though, that the one time she learns to edit, she is sent packing. 

4. Courtney Act (safe)

Stop relying on that body! Remember a few weeks ago when I defended Miss Act? Yeah, I don't agree so much anymore. Everything she's presented has been a deviation of the same outfit she always wears. Something sheer or apparel-less. It's getting a little bland, and so is she. She did look absolutely BEAUTIFUL on the runway, but her daughter was a hot mess. I hated it. The makeup was so reliant on color and it just didn't work with her manly-man's face. The judges nailed it when they called her out for looking way-too-hot for her daughter's wedding. I definitely foresee Courtney smoothly sailing into the top three, but, god, how? She's been so plain for most of the competition! Sigh. I guess we'll see. (OKAY SHE ALSO PICKS ON ADORE AND JOSLYN SO I CANNOT HELP BUT DISLIKE HER)

3. Darienne Lake (bottom three)

Well, I may not like her, but I sort of thought Darienne did a nice job this week. If anything, she did exactly what her drag daughter wanted. And for a wedding? That's pretty damn important. I think Darienne had some tough clients to please, but she played to her strengths. I thought Darienne looked a bit messy, though, which I found surprising. As much as I dislike her lately, she can't be knocked for painting her mug. That hair though? And that dress? Girl. This is season six. Turn it up. Actually, don't, that way you can take your bow after next week's lipsync.

2. Ben Delacreme (top two)

If Ben had been a part of the episode, I would have been more willing to rank her at the top of the list. Unfortunately, I don't even think she was in the episode until the runway! I thought she looked the absolute best out of the competitors, even if her daughter looked a little sloppy. Ben is that little sneak attack this season: she's delivered consistently but somehow manages to fly under the radar. I think the judges really enjoy her, though, so I am hoping to see a more meteoric rise from Dela as we round the corner into the last part of the season.

1. Bianca Del Rio (winner)

To quote her very first line of the season, "Well, well, well." It was no surprise that Bianca was exceptional this week. The dress she created looked so beautiful on her daughter and there was such a strong family resemblance! It was everything the challenge called for. Before the episode began, I was talking with Cole about how the episode was going to shape up. We both agreed that barring a sudden transformation into Magnolia Crawford, Bianca will be America's Next Drag Superstar. With a third win under her belt, it's looking more and more like an inevitable victory is in store for the Queen of Mean. And that would be just fine...with everyone.

Personal Ranking Week X

Darienne Lake
Courtney Act
Joslyn Fox
Ben Delacreme
Bianca Del Rio
Adore Delano

Predicted Order of Elimination

Darienne Lake
Adore Delano
Courtney Act
Ben Delacreme
Bianca Del Rio


  1. I'm kinda nervous that Trinity is going
    to take ms. congeniality. I hope joss does, she says that's all she wants in her MTQ video!

    1. Really? Trinity? I could see her coming in around 4th or 5th. She won't top Joslyn, Bianca, or Dela though.