Monday, April 21, 2014


Did Colorado wear anyone else out?

Oh, just me?

Tomorrow: the real world will be calling my name. Back to desks, back to coffee, back to books. (Let's be honest, two out of three ain't bad)

After arriving home this afternoon, I've been a particularly busy beaver. I made it to Magers & Quinn (twice), Bull Run (twice), and the bank (just once, but it felt long enough to qualify for "twice".) All the while, laundry has been started--currently unfinished--and tea is rolling out of the kettle in endless waves of hot and jasminey goodness.

And me? I am wiped.

My room is considerably cooler after being vacant and windblown for several days. And with the cool weather can only mean one thing: John Deere Blanket.

One Christmastime, my granny gifted me a tie-blanket that was solid yellow on one side, and an intentionally comical spread of John Deere logos in varying shades of blue and green on the back. Of my cool weather possessions, this one takes the cake. Who knows how many toes I could have lost without it?

Complete with two enormous comforters, one stuffed and fabricated fox throw, and eight pillows in varying levels of firmness: rest is just around the corner.

And, boy, is it welcome.

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