Thursday, April 24, 2014

Day LXXXI: Beer

You didn't think I was finished blogging about my vacation did you?


Colorado is full of craft breweries. And, my god, what a shame it would have been to visit The Centennial State without checking out one or two or ten thousand uniquely crafted beers. Well, ten thousand might be a bit generous. I had to get damn close though.

Our first stop was at Black Bottle Brewery right in Fort Collins. Just check out that beer list! I have an affinity for IPAs already, and their "Hipster" was one of my favorites the entirety of my vacation. It was strikingly similar to my favorite beer in the world, Fresh Squeezed by Deschutes. Other highlights were their oatmeal stout which, though a bit heavy for my tastes, was rich and smooth.
The Grimm Brothers Brewhouse was probably my favorite of the bunch. Maybe it was just the packaging? There was also a beer called "Gustavus" so it already had quite the leg up on all the others. There was a spectacular red ale on a nitro tap that tasted like a creamy root beer, "The Fearless Youth." And while both those beers were delicious, the stand out for me was the "Snow Drop," a light, sour ale. Couple that with beautiful, clever packaging? Color me sold. The flight of five different tasters was only $9 too! Talk a bout a fairy-tale deal!
Perhaps it was the heat and the hiking beforehand, but this brewery didn't do a whole lot for me. There just wasn't anything exciting about the beers. For me, they sort of all blended together. When they weren't busy being an amalgamation, they were kind of sub-standard. I will say: the oatmeal stout was far and above the best dark beer that I had throughout the entirety of my stay. You'll also note that we had thirteen different beers at the table...perhaps that's why they all managed to blend together? 
On our final night in Colorado, we took the opportunity to walk down to Firehouse 26, a teeny-tiny little fire house turned brewery! It was a pretty cool setup. I also found it to be the most relaxing of the venues. The snifters were beautiful, too. Between the wheat wine, porter, nitro red ale, and beautiful weather: it was a pretty special conclusion to a trip I would take again and again and again. 
Tonight, it's gin and lime. 

Somehow, it doesn't taste nearly as good without family that I love and miss.

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