Saturday, April 12, 2014

Day LXIX: Stroll

Something always brings me back to you...


Saturday night.

Saturday night on a cold and gloomy evening. 

Cuddle weather, I think they call it.

Saturday night once meant couches and slumber parties. 

Late nights and Golden Eye 007.

Grape Slushies and a movie with the dogs.

Sneaking a beer from the fridge or a swig of gin from the cupboard

The first time you tried weed, confused in a cabin that was more screen than wood.

Benders that started at three pm after class and all you could think about was getting caught, dashing through the woods, stumbling over feet that promised you nothing.

The library until four in the morning.

A condom wrapper and a question.

The gravity of a Saturday night: it's impossible to quantify. never takes too long.

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