Friday, May 9, 2014

Day XCVI: Sissy That Walk

Well it finally happened, y'all. Darienne Lake sashayed away. And, for the first time in forever, I didn't think it was her time to go! I guess, taking every week into account, she was the clear fourth place on the night. But if it had been based solely on the performance during the challenge, I am not sure we'd have the same top three.

Still, the three queens left standing for the finale are all more than worthy of their positions. The came, they fought, they conquered. And even though it's a two-woman race (and barely, at that) it's nice of Ru to give three different girls a chance at the crown.

After performing in an acting scene and in a round of "sissy-ography," the queens pleaded their case for the crown on the main stage. 

4. Courtney Act (top three)

Well, we all knew she'd make the finale. It's been set since day one. As one of the strongest contenders for the crown in Drag Race herstory, Courtney Act joins an elite group of queens that never fell into the bottom two. On appearance alone, Courtney would have the title on lock. She's stunning. Her look on the runway was incredible. Between her hair and her body, I don't think a single person who hasn't watched her throughout the season could clock her as a man. She's polished: the house down. But in the challenge, Courtney was the weakest in every stage. Her speech was basically "I am the shit in Australia," and her acting was...not good. Or enjoyable. Her dancing was frantic. If there had been a bottom two this week--all four of them were asked to lipsync--her toned and tan booty would have been there. Alas, she'll make a great second runner-up.

3. Bianca Del Rio (top three)

Bianca is the first queen in the history of the competition RuPaul's Drag Race to never fall below the safe mark on her race to the crown. On that feat alone, I full expect--and will--Bianca to take the crown of America's Next Drag Superstar. She's been marvelous throughout the entire show. I cannot think of another queen that I loved from start to finish as much as I have Bianca Del Rio (well, I can, but she's a little further down the list). Her acting was campy and fresh. Her humor is ALWAYS on point. And as far as speeches on the runway go, Bianca was a class act. Seriously. She destroyed the other three. It was so vulnerable and heartfelt and classic. If and when she wins on the 19th, I will be elated. And so will the rest of the Drag Race fandom.

2. Darienne Lake (eliminated)

Honestly, I thought Darienne was one of the best last week. I thought she looked gorgeous on the runway--if not a little similar to how she ALWAYS looks. She looked classy and pretty. Just a big, beautiful girl in a big, beautiful gown. Her face is incredibly beautiful, of course, and her acting was expressive and delightful. There wasn't a moment this week with Darienne where I felt disconnected or like she had a bad attitude. I think she knew she had to kill it in every part of the week to make the top three. And, though she more than made up for her terrible recent performances, she managed to sneak back into my good graces. 

1. Adore Delano (top three)

I always find myself a little sad at the end of Drag Race season. And this year, I'll be just a little more in the dumps. Adore Delano is everything I love in a drag queen. She's charismatic, charming, beautiful, and vulnerable. She demands attention, but somehow manages to remain an open and honest connection to the audience. Her speech on the runway was SO Adore. It was remarkable. I felt like she was delivering straight from the heart, which has been on her sleeve since day one. Of course she's going to be someone I love. As far as acting is concerned, she slayed. Mopped the floor. Absolutely. The house down. Boots. When Adore comes in runner-up in two weeks, I will be sad. She will deserve her second place spot, but I will be disappointed with the outcome. She's an incredible entertainer--I cannot wait to see what the future brings for this one-of-a-kind diva.  

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