Monday, May 26, 2014

Day CIX: Snapchat III

Let's not pretend you came here to read an introduction. You came here for photos, for life, for moments captured with the world's most favorite photo messaging app. It's Saturday, after all.

So get into it.

Some of the best Snapchat art I've been privy to! Between the shirt, the filter, the lips, the mole: it's truly a work of art. And it was done with adult finger paint! Excellent work, Jessica Gjerde. It's a GD masterpiece.

The sun was hiding from all of us this winter, even our friends in California. Lindsay found a way to enjoy the beautiful rays and make a thoughtful comment on how shitty the year's worst season managed to be in 2014.

Bethany can always be relied upon for a good Queen B reference. This week was no exception.


Chloe is on the right track. Let's all work together to figure this out.

Meanwhile, in London, Lauren is definitely starting her birthday trip off the right way. The littlest--and most important--extraction of coffee: an excellent choice.

Dat face tho

Why is it that fat cats are the most endearing? Wendy isn't a particularly massive feline, she's just a stout little creature.

And then there's Thor. Closing out the roundup with a rough day at work and an uplifting message for us all.

 Cheer up, Charlie, it's almost over!

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