Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Day XCIX: Scrub

Scrub     /skrəb/
        1. Rub (someone or something) hard so as to clean them. 
        2. An insignificant or contemptible person.

We're all bad at something, right?

Lemme rephrase that: you're all bad at something.

And I am...well, I am less than perfect at something too. 

And it happens to be a rather large something, at least in our household. In the scheme of things, it seems pretty harmless and increasingly silly to point out, but it's constantly thrown in my face and I've started to wonder if others have the same issue. 

(That's a blatant lie. I am an unreliable narrator today. I don't believe anyone else on earth has the problem that I do, especially with the same set of circumstances that make my problem so glaring. I mean, really, is it so much of a problem that it has to be quietly, deviantly pointed out to me every single time it happens? I am clearly never going to learn the grave error of my ways so why would anyone in their right mind continue to beat a dead horse with reminder after reminder after reminder? Maybe because they have more faith for me to grow and learn and become a better human being than I do.


That must be why. Otherwise, it's all this effort to reprimand and embarrass me for no other reason than to take advantage of what a neurotic mess I am when it comes to uncertainty and perception and disappointment. And if that were the case, then the person exposing my flaws and mistakes would be a TERRIBLE HORRIBLE NO GOOD VERY BAD PERSON.

And that's not the case...


No, definitely not. 

It's got to be that someday, maybe even someday soon, I will learn.)

Oofta. That's a parenthetical. 

You guys, I am pretty clean person. I don't care to live in filth or chaos, but I am also not a neat-freak. I like things to be livable and taken care of and maintained. So I vacuum, I dust, I wash, I sweep, I tidy. And I do them frequently. I take out the trash and the recycling. 

I do the dishes.

I do the dishes because running a dishwasher eats up a lot of energy. So Sibley, Kyle, and I just prefer to handwash them. It's just...

I am terrible at putting the scrublet/sponge/squishmitten back into it's holder. 

Apparently, when a moist, YES MOIST, soapy, and dirty little wand hangs out in a sink, it can get moldy? Can it though? I've never seen it happen. 

And lemme tell ya. There have been plenty of opportunities.

So, that's my thing. I leave the soap-wand in the sink all the time. Like, really, I do it all the time and I am not sure I will ever learn my lesson. But that's it! I am really lovely otherwise, and I think everyone can and will attest to that. 

If someone who does the dishes--I just forget the last step!--but has no other flaws, then, yeah, I'm your guy. 

If that spongey situation is a dealbreaker, though?

You'll probably just think I'm a scrub.

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