Saturday, May 17, 2014

Day CIII: Snapchat II

It's understood, universally, that Saturdays are not typically nights set aside for reading. And that's okay, I get it, not everyone needs a book and a glass of wine to make a weekend complete. If you're a lonely spinster like your favorite blogging hero, however...

The first Saturday of #100MoreDaysOfJosh. Who's excited?! I think, for now, the last day of the week is going to be Snapchat Saturdays. Who doesn't like a little weekly roundup of joy. It makes for easy reading--hey, there's pictures!--and you get a teeny-tiny peek at the people who I photographically interact with on a daily basis. 

For tonight: six images, mostly centered around my birthday week. Throw in a little drag, and a little kitty love: we've got a blog post.

I made the very top of Kyle's calendar (for the day)! And, oddly, I found that very flattering. I know it doesn't have a whole lot to do with anything, but it's a nice gesture to see your name on a list, right?

My little precious angel, Laura Baden, sent a lovely little birthday reminder, complete with a party favor and some sweet glasses.

And I wish Kirsten could have joined us as well. The big, beautiful eyes of a fantastic friend are always going to simultaneously melt and break my heart. If only she could have been here in person!

Sometimes, work just crawls by. And over your lunch break, you just need to get yourself a little prettier than you'd planed. Those earrings...amirite?

Archie and Bernard and the best of friends, and the greatest of lovers. This is a daily occurrence. It's just nice to see throughout the week because they're usually so, well, energetic. And rude. And belligerent. But, god, they can be really damn precious when they like to be.

Kyle got a great tan while on vacation two weeks ago. I can't believe it hasn't faded in the time since he's returned!

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