Saturday, May 3, 2014

Day XC: Swords

I was having a particularly troubling day on Thursday. Was it the gloom finally getting the best of me? Maybe the wind tousled me too many times?

I woke up to natural light pouring through my window. And as lovely as the singing birds and glimpse of sunlight was, I knew it meant my alarm hadn't been set and my dreams of getting to work before 8:30 were dashed. 

9:23. Yep, going to run a little late.

The work day managed to crawl by, which was somewhat surprising. When you're a little stressed and busy, there never seems to be enough time. Thursday was the worst of both possibilities: the day struggled along and the stress of having a lot on my plate was arresting. When I got home, it's fair to say I was on edge. I needed a break, badly.

In my room, I discovered that my trash can had been ransacked by Bernard and the black-and-white-cat. Books had been knocked outta one of my shelves. Three video games played dominoes on the floor. Clumps of hair spun in small twisters and danced out the door. It was...frustrating to come home to. You know I love those two to death, but they don't have much regard for the property of others.

My room was suddenly an image of my current struggle: scattered, deflated, lonely. Pieces of Josh: disorganized

So I took a moment to collect myself before heading to Bull Run to blog. 

I asked the universe for help.

I drew a card.

The two of swords is indicative of being too reserved. Of holding your emotions too close. Of denying your feelings. Of confusion.

The imagery on the card is particularly interesting to me. It addresses, very physically, to relationships. And, perhaps, that's another area I am feeling under-fulfilled? The painting speaks to love, struggle, care, and tension. 

Most appropriately? 

It evokes surrender.

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