Thursday, May 15, 2014

Day CI: Ranked

When I first started this journey to one hundred days of blogging, I had a great vision in mind for what the end would look like. And in one part, it was this: a ranked list of my favorite blogs. A top ten maybe. Ten selections that encompassed what I love about this blog, and why I've done it. But then I got to thinking: Why stop at ten? Why not rank every one of them?

I love a good list. And this little project has been so rewarding. Why not take it a step further with one massive compilation? The below selections are a result of their page views and my personal preference.

God, I love a good ranked list


100     Day XIII: Taxes
99       Day XCVI: Sissy That Walk
98       Day XXIV: RuPaul's Big Opening
97       Day XXXI: RuPaul's Big Opening Part Two
96       Day LXXIII: Queens of Talk
95       Day LXXX: Drag My Wedding
94       Day LII: Snatch Game
93       Day XLV: Shade, The Rusical
92       Day XXXVII: Scream Queens
91       Day LXVI: Rupersized!

90       Day XVII: RuPaul's Drag Race Season Six Preview
89       Day LXXXVII: Glitterball
88       Day LIX: Oh No She Better Don't
87       Day XXVIII: Is It Cheating If I Just Snap a #SundaySelfie?
86       Day XXVII: Oscar Predictions
85       Day XXIX: Who Won?
84       Day III: TarotI
83       Day XXXIII: Disappointment
82       Day XL: Hangman
81       Day LXVIII: Revamped-Letters to You

80       Day LXXXIX: Aroma
79       Day LXIV: Music
78       Day XXXVII: Runway
77       Day XXXII: NFL National Qualifiers
76       Day XXXIV: Reading (Speech) for Filth
75       Day XIX: Stripped
74       Day XXXV: Fake Summer Sunday
73       Day XXV: Toys
72       Day XV: Salamander
71       Day XIV: Taxes Redux

70       Day IX: Why?
69       Day XI: Fish
68       Day XLIII: Paddy
67       Day XLIV: Deodorant
66       Day LXIII: Walk
65       Day LIV: Ride
64       Day XXVI: Escalator
63       Day XIII: Valentines
62       Day XLVII: Dog-sitting Part One
61       Day XLVIII: Dog-sitting Part Two

60       Day LXII: Nap
59       Day LXVII: Precious
58       Day LXXIX: Anger
57       Day XLIX: Bedmaking
56       Day XX: Reading
55       Day XLII: Rejuvenation
54       Day X: Melted
53       Day LXXXI: Beer
52       Day XC: Swords
51       Day LXXXVIII: Empathy

50       Day LXXIV: Three
49       Day LIII: Gloom
48       Day LVII: One and Only
47       Day LV: Before
46       Day LVI: After
45       Day XXXVII: Never Let Me Go
44       Day XXI: Brunch
43       Day XXIII: Archie's Birthday
42       Day LXI: Burn
41       Day VII: Lazy

40       Day VI: Ni No Kuni
39       Day II: Vacation
38       Day VIII: Snooze
37       Day V: Bernard
36       Day IV: Fatal
35       Day XXXIX: Inventory
34       Day L: Scatterbrained
33       Day LVIII: Morning Trick
32       Day LXV: Goddess
31       Day LXX: Dryer

30       Day LXXVII: Rise
29       Day LXXVIII: Rest
28       Day LXXV: Rock
27       Day LXXVI: Water
26       Day XCII: Sun
25       Day XCVII: Spirit Animal
24       Day XCVI: Mom
23       Day LXIX: Stroll
22       Day XCVIII: Faggot III
21       Day XCIII: Humanity

20       Day XCI: Snag
19       Day LXXXII: Sorted
18       Day C: Centi
17       Day I: Budger
16       Day XVIII: Old Man Meth
15       Day XCV: Success
14       Day LXXXV: Touch
13       Day LXXXIV: Diary
12       Day XXX: Condom
11       Day XCIX: Scrub

10       Day XLVI: Faggot II
9         Day XVI: CherylBeth
8         Day LXXXVI: Coffee II
7         Day LXXXIII: Tattoo
6         Day XLI: Absence
5         Day LX: Footsteps
4         Day XCIV: Snapchat
3         Day LI: Coffee
2         Day XXII: Faggot
1         Day LXXI: Versatile

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