Monday, May 26, 2014

Day CX: Face

I hated this winter, you guys.

It was long and difficult, truly the season of my discontent. 

Between unbearably frigid temperatures, endless gales of wind, and (more than) our fair share of snow emergencies, it's no wonder that the first nice weekend we have--and it was impossibly beautiful--every single person and their entire family was out and about enjoying it.

Myself included.

So I apologize, dear reader, I ignored my blog and my writing, my personal diary of thoughts and musings. 

I guess an interesting observation though: I missed it and I felt guilty. It was this weird mixture of feeling like abandoned my child and a sad sort of relief. 

In a strange coincidence, I am feeling the same way about my face. 

For the first time since January--6 months, you guys!--my scruff has vanished! Luckily, I am already a little bristly. I think the heat inspired me to give it a go. And while I think I prefer the scruff, it's interesting to see my face again. It looks largely the same, but I wonder what's changed in the last half-a-year. Perhaps not a thing? 

In any case, one thing is very clear:

"Shit, I look goooooooooood." -Vivienne Pinay

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