Saturday, June 14, 2014

Day CXXVII: Snapchat VI

Pay attention. This is some sage advice from Bethany. If you're going to put the word capiscum on the back cover of a book, maybe think about the way you're formatting the lines. A gardening text that includes the phrase "cum addict?" Not going to look great on shelves.

It's already difficult to dislike ice cream. The second you put a cute little face and bow-tie on it? Impossible. Fortunately--or is it?--Sibley knows exactly how to make a frozen treat oh-so-appealing.

Ashley Bost sent a delightful series of snaps of Jenna Lehr. And even though there were so many gems, I felt like this one really captured the essence of the collection. Is she drying a Barbie's hair on the toilet? And her toes are so pointed! Add that to Ashley's caption: picture perfect.

You guys remember Old Man Meth, right? Well Kyle managed to get a picture of him OUTSIDE HIS HOME. He's terrifying. Like straight out of a novel on the back porch with a shotgun terrifying.

Ah, Kirsten. The problems of a frizzy-haired, humidity-laden ginger. We lament along with you.

Great lessons all around on today's Snapchat Saturday. Laura is in no mood to mess around, so she's happy to remind everyone: safety first!

Steve had a terrible view while waiting for a train. We all feel really bad for him. It looks miserable. And he has to be in Chicago, too? Poor thing.

Can you say metasnap?! I received this lovely image of myself drinking a, *ahem*, Straw-beer-ita, which is a Bud Light combined with a strawberry margarita. Yes, it happened. Yes, I am ashamed. Yes, it was delicious.

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