Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Day CXXIII: Desk

I had this idea, during the initial run of my #100DaysOfJosh, of presenting a photo of my old office and then following that post with a photo of my new one. That still might happen, but there was just something so charming about my desk today that I just had to share it. So, for now, I am using a more tightly cropped image to explore my work space and share it with you all.

Because I care for you all so deeply, I thought I would explore this photo with five easy-to-see markers. Let's take a look, shall we?

1. Monitor, artwork by Laura Wood

Laura illustrated the book I am most excited for this season, If an Armadillo Went to a Restaurant. After finding her through an illustration agency, I knew that she would be perfect for the project. Her work is bright, charming, and contains more than its share of whimsy. Her work with color is especially impressive. There's so much vibrance and joy in each of her paintings, and that feeling perfectly translates to picture book illustration. So, naturally, I would pick my favorite illustrator to grace my monitor. It used to be a delightful picture of one of my co-workers, Jen Schoeller, but I think she felt self conscious about being a constant presence on my screen. 

2. Hillary's new book, Hard Choices

Oh, Hillary. You charming little peach. You precious little nugget. You swift and merciless snake charmer. You glorious little picnic basket. You sweet lamb sent from the womb of the earth. You ebullient salt-water toad. You pleasantly accessorized and sturdily built Madonna. You feathered princess of dormant and blood-thirsty power. You dark angel from the trenches of Jupiter's giant red spot. You crafty ambassador of exultant and beautiful strength. You radiant cherub of tender and particular touch. You deity of colorful rage and justice. You fierce and admirable princess of the sun. 

I can't wait to read more of your book.

Love, Josh

3. A manuscript word count, 350 words


4. Author's Name, Paul Czajak

Paul is the author of Scarletta's Monster and Me series. He's a wordsmith and master of rhyme, and I will meet him--for the very first time--in person at this year's ALA. He's a funny and focused storyteller with a particular knack for meter. I am excited that the rest of the world is getting as on board with his writing as we have been since the beginning. It's always so exciting to see talent paid its dues.

5. An email, not directed to me

You know those emails you receive at one in the morning and your stomach just sinks to the darkest pit of your body the minute you see the time stamp?

Ugh. Yes. Those emails.

As we gear up for ALA--sixteen days away, y'all--I am reminded that there is so much to do outside of the nightmarish planning that is part of gearing up for a trade show. There are still books to be created, schedules to be followed, and, most importantly, dinner reservations to be put on lock to impress our authors and illustrators with well-priced glasses of wine and exceedingly delicious tartares. Life can be tricky like that. 

But there is nothing, NOTHING, I love more than a cleverly crafted email and a good ol' blind carbon copy. 
Get into it.

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