Sunday, June 1, 2014

Day CXV: Plants

It's unsurprising that Archie and Bernard devoured my last two spider plants.

Those poor little guys didn't stand a chance to that gravelly-mouthed little creature and his black and white partner in crime. And while they did leave full, enriching lives, I miss them, and they were gone too soon.

The nice thing about plants though? There are plenty more!

I decided to change things up this time around. I have always had spider plants--I just love the way the reach. But it seems, with cats as hungry and curious as those I live with, a sturdier species might be nice. So that's why I have two bulky new friends.

World, I would like you to meet Kelly Plantle and Vinevacious.

Now, you know I'll always serve you face and neck--well, not always, and you'll be privy to some debaucherous photos later--but I think I am being out shown by my new companions in my Sunday Selfie! 

Aren't they nice? 

I like plants because my world feels fresher when they're around, especially if they're inside. I keep both of them in my room and it just feels like a better, cleaner space when they're around. There is very little upkeep with them, but the rewards of caregiving, nurturing, and supporting are boundless. It's not much, I know, but keeping them alive and around somehow brings out the adult in me. He is in there somewhere, after all.

It's a gloomy Sunday night. Rain is drizzling in through my open window, and the light from the yard across the fence is flickering with the passing drops.

Flick, flick, flick.

A lighthouse, welcoming the new work week, summer hours, and a chance at seven new days to get it right. 

An additional shade of green, a extra bit of life contained within these walls. 

Tonight: I am hopeful.

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