Friday, June 13, 2014

Day CXXVI: Minister

Did you ever think that this guy would be an ordained minister?

Yeah, me either.

Earlier this year, following their engagement late in 2013, my brother, Erick, and his fiancé, Maria, asked me to ordain their wedding.

When they called to ask, the two of them were running through the their wedding venue, the ceromony, and of course, the wedding party. When I didn't hear my name listed among the latter, I was peeved. And almost said, to them both, "wait, aren't you forgetting someone?"

But I didn't.

And thank god.

Instead, my brother and future sister asked if I would ordain their wedding. Even now, writing this on the staircase of my dear friend Anastasia's landing, I find myself a little emotional. There's something exceptionally joyous about weddings already. And knowing that I will be contributing to my family's enduring happiness? That's kind of remarkable.

Gushing has almost always been my M.O. And I am surprisingly fine with that.

Anyway, today I received official recognition by the Universalist Church—who acknowledges the power and warmth of countless spiritual practices—that I'm officially qualified to unite a couple in marriage.

And, for me, that's pretty damn exciting.

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