Monday, June 30, 2014

Day CXLII: Favorites

Do you think it's possible to avoid playing favorites?

It's something I've been wrestling with lately.

Too often I find myself in situations that require decisions to be made based on my feelings toward two (or more) separate entities. And when those things are too entirely similar, too equally rewarding-and-wonderful-and-lovely, it becomes almost impossible not to select between the two based solely on which is your personal favorite.

Today, at ALA, I fell victim to this all familiar situation.Every Sunday, the biggest feature of my blog is my Sunday Selfie. Unless it's for Snapchat purposes, my selfies are limited almost exclusively to this blog for Sunday Use Only.

This week, because I was at ALA, I figured, hey, lemme take a quick selfie with my favorite spring book from Scarletta! I had a hand in every one of the titles, why not take a picture with a book I helped create? And then: the realization. I'd have to pick a book! Shit, I thought, I have to pick a favorite!

Now, for many editors, this might be an easy choice, especially if you have more than just a three or four titles. You're going to have a bigger hand in some titles and less influence in others. At Scarletta, that's not really the case. And picking one to take a photo with is sort of like choosing a favorite child.

So, I tried to include most of the spring titles in the photo, while keeping my, ahem, favorite in the foreground.

I love you, Monster Needs His Sleep and The Shark Whisperer, but there's just something so damn charming about an armadillo with a fork and spoon.

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