Monday, June 9, 2014

Day CXX: Snapchat V

Might as well lead with this disgusting little ditty. On a recent trip to Yogurt Lab--well, another recent trip to Yogurt Lab--Kyle thought he would give a coffee-like flavor a chance. Regrettably, it came out looking like animal feces. Then, when he thought he'd pull snap a clever picture, he spelled "bowl" wrong. It was a shitty situation.

Meanwhile, he also played the part of an angry, fire-breathing she-demon from the depths of the netherworld. Interestingly, this was a response to a comment from one Sibley Mattson. He was just so proud of the artwork that he deemed it necessary to share. And, to be, fair, it's rather epic.

Bernard's spirit animal is almost certainly a turtle. I am not sure why his tail is so ungodly long, though...

Audrey was having a lovely Sunday with three of America's greatest films. Get it, girl.

Let's all take a minute to extend a hearty, and heartfelt congratulations to miss Kelly Katherine Nelson and her recent last day of school! Congrats, Miss Nelson! Another year down!

Equally exciting, Anastasia Scott made it through a WHOLE ENTIRE YEAR at one press! After a string of successful, but short-lived stays in other locations, Free Spirit seems to have tied 'Nastasia down...for now.

I know this isn't a novel idea, but it is the wisest decision you can make when you have both chips and a sandwich. Combine them. Combine them immediately.

But seriously...This title is everything, nothing, and, again, everything.

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