Sunday, June 1, 2014

Day CXIV: Snapchat IV

I am actually not sure what Shea is doing on this Sunday Funday, but I would have to guess that it's an all-American sort of afternoon for him. With a little patriotism, flip cup, and beer pong, let's hope he's enjoying his time in the rainy outdoors.

Studio 54 has nothing on Sibley's work-friendly dance club. I've always been envious of her musical tastes, but now I have a new target for my jealousy: those headphones. Also, not fair that she enjoys a sparkling disco ball hanging above her desk.

Nothing seems more appropriate to be thankful for than Fat Tire, stellar glasses, and sunshine. Happy Humpday (a little late) to Miss Lelivelt--hope it was fantastic as those shorts.

Poor Tasia. That sunshine will get you every time when you have the fair skin and princess demeanor of Snow White. She was in New York all weekend for friends and BEA so it's hard to feel bad, even in the face of sunburn.

I know you don't need snapchat to see this, but everything that comes out of Kyle Jensen's mouth is full of rainbows and unicorns. Sweet headpiece...

Lauren can always be relied to for dancing at 90s night. Even when she's fully committed to pajamas and bed.

Mornings are hard for Thor. Especially in the face of loud, hungry, ornery birds at six in the morning.

Kyle is the first person to be featured multiple times in a single post! How fortunate! Between the two of us, and Sibley, we write delightful memos on each of our checks. Kyle apparently didn't think our HOT SEXY TIME was all that great. Whatever. It wasn't worth the fifty six dollars anyway.

Also, that handwriting, eh?

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