Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Day CXXIV: Do(ugh)nuts

Last Friday was National Doughnut Day. (Or donut, I suppose, if you prefer. I'm indifferent--surprisingly--to which you choose to enjoy.)

Do you know what that means for someone like me?

It means: Thank God.

It means: An excuse!

It means: Why is this only once a year?

It means: fuck yes.

It means: nothing else matters.

I don't have many dessert cravings. I am just not particularly inclined to enjoy cakes or sweets or pies or tarts. Candy doesn't do much for me. Either does chocolate.

(That's a lie. Chocolate does things for everyone. All the things.)

But put me in a room of donuts? They'll be gone. Scout's honor.

And, regrettably, a new doughnut co-op has opened two blocks from my home. I am fairly certain that shouldn't be legal. I feel like you should have notify everyone in the neighborhood that the most dangerous place in the universe is just a few blocks from your humble home.

While I may have been a few days late, I managed to spread the joy of National Donut Day to the office this morning.

And promptly ate half the dozen.

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