Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Day XXIV: RuPaul's Big Opening

Because the only thing better than one big opening is two big openings.

Let's just take a moment to admire dat episode title. "RuPaul's Big Opening."

God. This show is perfect.

Babies! Drag Race is back! And shit is getting gaggy already. I'm not planning on ever fully recapping any of the episodes. I'd rather just highlight some of my favorite sections, throw some shade, and make some unwarranted and uneducated predictions.

The first episode of each season features each of the contestants entering the workroom. So let's talk about those entrance looks.
Adore Delano
Adore had the privilege of being the first girl to enter this season. She reminded me a lot of Alaska with her entrance look. It's a big ol' jumble of pieces that don't necessarily go together, but, somehow, it works on her. She has so much personality and nerve, and maybe that's why this mermaid-caught-in-a-crab-net look actually makes a  whole lot of sense for her.

Ben DeLaCreme
"Hey, everybody! It's me! Ben DeLaCreme!" I love when camp goes so over the top that you cannot help but crack a grin. Ben's entrance was full of energy and spunk. She has so much pizzazz! I also loved that she was in her character one hundred percent of the time. Not one moment did I feel like she was a lesser version of herself.

Gia Gunn
Scott likes to say that Gia has roughly 3 neurons firing in her head. I think it might be closer to two. She comes across as this totally vapid, painfully air-headed flight attendant from 1980s California. There is this little glint behind her eyes, though, that I totally dig. I think she might even be in on the joke. Her look is actually a tearaway. Behind that zebra blanket lies a rhinestone-encrusted onesie. And behind those sunglasses? Eyes. For. Days. She is painted for the gods. Adore's thoughts on Gia's entrance: "She came in with a hula-hoop with a pocket! She was really living for herself, girl!"

Laganja Estranja
This little dancing diva! Split seconds before I took the above screen grab, Laganja was standing upright with both of her hands on her hips and loudly proclaiming: "C'mon season 6, let's get sickening!" And with that, she death-dropped to the floor, demanding the attention of the room. Well...she got mine! Laganja's outfit was my favorite of the first seven. The purple, green, and goldenrod look so great together, and the tendrils of feathers on her hat were everything! 

April Carrion
"April Carrion, reporting for duty!" I am definitely digging this boy scout eleganza. It doesn't hurt that April is such a sexy woman and a beautiful guy. For me, almost everything about this look was on point. I didn't care for the way her bottoms looked like a diaper, but it was otherwise flawless from head to toe. Favorite entrance comment on April came from Ben: "And here I thought gays weren't allowed in the scouts!" (It's funny 'cuz we're not.)

Kelly Mantle
(wakes up in confusion) 

Oh, sorry, I fell asleep trying to think of something to write here.

"Mother has arrived!" Vivacious is that old school club queen from NYC. She's 40 years old, but will always let you have it. This look is so fantastical, I don't even know where to begin. Those pants, that fan, that shimmery blue? And, sweet jesus, look at that headpiece! Vivacious really knows how to give you a moment. Later in the episode, when Ru is chatting with the girls, she asks Vivacious if the piece has a name. World: meet Ornacia. She has her own Twitter account already. And she's perfect.
After Vivacious' entrance, a familiar sound rang through the work room: "Ooooooo, girl! You got she-mail!"

But, wait! Isn't that the call we hear when RuPaul's ready to introduce the girls to the challenge for the week? Where are the rest of the girls? These can't be the only seven!

Mother Ru pulled a fast one right out the gate! For the first time in Drag Race history, season 6 isn't having one premiere, it's having two. For the first two weeks, the girls have been divided into to two groups of seven. And within each group, one girl will be going home. In week three, the remaining twelve will join together, and, I have a feeling, that's when the real race will fire away!

Some of my favorite quotes from the episode

Adore Delano: For all the girls saying I'm not polished enough, I just want them to know that I'm polish remover, bitch.

Gia Gunn (after hearing that there was only seven of them competing): What?! Is there no budget this time around?

Vivacious (referring to BenDeLaCreme out of drag): I could not clock the spook.

Adore Delano: I'm a fucking Libra.

RuPaul: Your runway look was a honey of a boo boo.

My Ranking Post-Episode 

7th  Kelly Mantle (eliminated)
6th  Vivacious (bottom two)
5th  April Carrion (top two)
4th  Gia Gunn (safe)
3rd  Laganja Estranja (safe)
2nd Adore Delano (bottom three)
1st  Ben DeLaCreme (winner)

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