Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Day III: Tarot

Is it a universal law that when you're the most financially strained, you are suddenly deemed capable of paying for everything on your own? Or is growing up just the worst?

I've been paying almost every bill of mine on my own for the last three years, but I managed to eek my phone out of my dad until today when my new bill arrived. And by 'eek' I most certainly mean: "Oh, sure, I'll send you a check every month, just tell me how much it is, and remind me, too, or I'll probably just forget." Believe me, I didn't forget the bill came. I just never, ahem, remembered to send a check along! I can be so silly like that. Alas, I finally arrived at that disgusting and sad stage of life where I can finally say I am financially independent. You would think that would be a glorious feeling.

It's not. It's rotten.

The upside is that sometimes I can't afford to eat so I am looking sickening. (It's sarcasm, Mother, I can afford food. It's meant to be a humorous poke at how poor I am.)

Back of my scary-ass Tarot deck
What I really wanted to talk about this afternoon, though, is this: even though you shouldn't be jealous of the monetary plight of your 24-year-old friends, you should be exceedingly envious of a certain weekly email thread I contribute to. Every week, Vaughn, Kelly, Annie, and I email each other our tarot readings and journal about them. We take the psychic's interpretation of the drawn card and then offer our own feelings about what we've been dealt. It's amazing. I suggest you do the same.

While you'll not find my most private entries up for the world to see, I did want to share my reading for today because it's just as spooky and magicky as you might expect tarot to be.

"The nine of pentacles symbolizes that you are no longer in a position to be dependent on others for your own financial or emotional security."

I actually said: OH SHIT when I read that opening line from the psychic. 

Cue the Twilight Zone music, I need to make that money.

The lesson of the night: "The nine of pentacles is urging you forward. It's time to embrace and rely on your own independence."

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