Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Day XXIII: Archie's Birthday

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday, dear Archie!
Happy Birthday to you!

Let it be known that I am only wishing him a happy birthday because he HATES when people sing at him. We discovered this last year when Sibley, Kyle, and I sang our most heartfelt of "Happy Birthday" to his furry little face. He was on the kitchen tile. About 1.5 seconds in to the song, his eyes became the size of a large jack-o'-lantern and he made a mad dash for the living room. Naturally, we  doubled over with laughter at his intense fear of our song.

To this day: we can meet eyes, countdown from three, and know it's time to loudly sing the birthday song to this spoiled rotten kitten.

So, happy birthday, you little asshole. Here are some adorable pictures to commemorate your second year of life.

 Seriously. You're just a bundle of cat.

You are "ARE YOU KIDDING ME" adorable though.

 But also super gross. Look at that right hand, you guys..

Remember that time I was gonna glue that puzzle together...

Okay, why so much yelling though?

 Jesus, Archie, it was a just a question!

So you're either shouting at me or do something disgusting...

Or being so G.D. precious that I could fall over and die.

Happy birthday, Archie! You really are the worst.

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