Sunday, February 23, 2014

Day XXI: Brunch

I don't know if it's possible to like a meal more than I like brunch. Dinner can be too late, breakfast is a waste of time, and lunch is the middle child that you just acknowledge as part of a routine. None of them are particularly fantastic, and they each suffer from flaws.

But brunch. Brunch is a gift. Brunch is bloody marys and sweaty hash browns. Brunch is mimosas and tofu scrambles. Brunch is beer and waffles. Brunch is...brunch is perfect.

It might have an unfair advantage though. See, breakfast-lunch-and-dinner all suffer from meal loneliness. It is not often that you get to enjoy breakfast with a loved one when you're 24, especially if you're in love with your snooze button. Lunch is for you and your desk and surfing the web. And dinner is a consistent afterthought for when your bottle of pinot noir has disappeared by what I can only assume is black magic.

But brunch.

Brunch is for friends and family. Brunch is for toasting the night before. Brunch is for waking up with glitter in your hair and stamps on top of your hands. Brunch is for remembering how much better food can taste when laughter surrounds your plate.  Brunch is for asking why your clothes were off. Brunch is for glamorous hats and ebullient conversation. Brunch is...brunch is heaven.

I had the pleasure of a lengthy brunch today with some of my very favorite people on this planet, and I believe it's exactly what my soul needed to kick off the week. There's this great line from an episode of 30 Rock where Liz Lemon says, "I believe all anyone wants in this life is to sit in peace and eat a sandwich." I think I used to agree.


I think all anyone needs is brunch and a table of people you love

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