Saturday, February 12, 2011

Gaycation: An Autobot Story

When you watch a show like RuPaul’s Drag Race, there are certain things that you just come to accept about the commercial interruptions that occur throughout the show.  For instance, because I watch the show online, there’s the annoying tendency for the commercials to repeat over and over and over at each interlude.  This means that for every 15 or so minutes of the show that you actually see, you get to enjoy forty-five seconds of the same commercials.  Recently, the first ad that shows during every break has been a commercial featuring a gorgeous black man and his Enrique Iglesias look-alike boyfriend.  Sexy right?  Like maybe the hottest commercial ever?  It’s basically about two very attractive men hanging out in the sun.

But then, there’s always something or someone that has to ruin the beautiful moment.  In the case of this commercial: it happens twice.  First, they use the word ‘gaycation.’  Really, really LOGO?  That’s the best word play you can come up with for your little ditty of eroticism?  Not only that, but is word play even necessary when all you’re trying to do is get a couple of dudes to fly to a warm destination?  Let me tell ya, from the chilly part of the country that I watch Drag Race from, there is absolutely no need for anyone, anyone to say the gaycation to make the beach and the sand sound appealing.  Second, there’s this super awkward shot of their arms.  The black guy is reaching toward something that is glistening, GLISTENING in the sun. Turns out it’s an arm.  Seriously?  I felt like I was watching Twilight. (And yes I am aware that is a title, and no I will not give it the honor of italics or quotation marks or even an underline.  Come to think of it, I might just underline it because I find underlining so appalling.  Haha.  God.  Such a loser!)  Anyway, the shot is awkward and I literally cannot watch it without cringing.  Somehow, I always forget that there’s this awful moment of armness and poor word choice.

The second commercial that has been playing recently, however, has been for some new animated series about Transformers.  I don’t think it looks very good/interesting/entertaining/fun/enjoyable/takeyourpicit’sprobablyawful.  Still, it was a much better commercial than sand arms gaycation.  So, naturally, I commented on it the first time I saw it: “Cartoons!  This is my kind of commercial!”  To this, my roommate replied, “they just start having sex.”

Okay, at first I was disturbed.  Deeply.  But then, I had this awkward thought.  What if, just what if(!) it really was some vehicularized homo show?  I mean, you’d watch it right?  OH YEA.  Big time.  It would be too odd to pass up!  It would have to be one of those shows that you secretly watched, but told people you had never even heard of it; the ultimate guilty pleasure.

(At this point, the battery in my laptop fell out of the back of my PC and now I’ve completely forgotten where this was going...isn’t it odd how quickly we can lose our train of thought when we’re just rambling to begin with!)

Haha. Such a dead post.

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