Saturday, July 12, 2014

Day CXLVIX: (No Name Yet)

The sun was exceptionally hot and exceedingly bright the day I brought Apollo home.

So naming him wasn't much of a task. I knew I wanted something powerful, something representational, something impressive. I wanted my vehicle to seem as strong and alluring as possible. That's how I felt about Apollo. 

Why shouldn't everyone else?

I am learning that I got lucky with the first car. It was an easy, very fitting name that came to me right away. 

For this one, I think I need some help.

Everyone, meet (no name yet)!

A spiritual predecessor to Apollo--2013 Black Rav4--(no name yet) is in need of a few more drives before his name can be determined. Until then, here are the best options I've come up with.

-Simon: A classy, nerdy name with an edge.


-Neptune: God of the Sea, and it was a rainy morning the first time I took (no name yet) out for a drive.

Have some suggestions?

I'd certainly love to hear them. 

And until I have a name for him, anyone up for a car ride?

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